Best Beginner Sewing Machine: Our Easy Guide for Beginners

You’ve decided to take up sewing, or maybe you want to teach your kids how to sew. Either way, you need a beginner sewing machine – one that’s easy to use. Buying a sewing machine isn’t easy, even for advanced users. There are so many features, brands and price ranges, looking through each and every one can give you a headache.

We have quite a bit of sewing experience, and think we know a thing or two about what makes a good sewing machine. For beginners, there are a number of things to think about that experienced users may overlook.

A Buyer’s Guide for the Best Beginner Sewing Machine

We’ve heard of sewing machines compared to cars, and we would have to agree. While they all do the same thing, they are different underneath the hood. When you purchase a sewing machine for a beginner, it’s important to look for features that make it easy to get started. Here are some things to consider when buying the best sewing machine for beginners:

Automatic Threader

When you’re just getting started with sewing, threading the machine can be a tedious and frustrating task. A machine that has an automatic threader will eliminate this frustration, making it easier for you to get started on your project.


If you have never used a sewing machine or have limited experience with one, you still have no idea whether you’ll actually enjoy sewing. Not until after you get through your first few projects will you really know if you like sewing. For this reason, it only makes sense to buy the most affordable, quality machine you can find.

Sure, you can spend hundreds (or thousands) on the best machine on the market, but if you wind up hating sewing, you’ll have wasted your money.

While high-end machines are top-of-the-line, they’re best suited for experienced seamstresses.

Stitch Count

How many stitches do you really need? Some machines have hundreds, while others have 10-20. The stitches you’ll need will largely depend on what types of projects you plan on sewing.

For basic sewing, you’ll probably only need a handful of stitches. Decorative stitches are nice to have and many basic machines include a few, but they aren’t necessary. If you’re quilting or doing embroidery, you may need a larger selection. Although for embroidery, I would recommend going with a machine designed just for that.

Mechanical or Computerized?

There are two main types of sewing machines: mechanical and computerized. Mechanical machines are great for occasional sewers who are on a tighter budget. You’ll have to manipulate most of the controls by hand, but these machines can handle just about any project you throw at it.

A computerized model isn’t always the best option for beginners, although there are certainly exceptions. But if you plan on sewing frequently, a computerized machine may be the better option for you. These tend to have touchpad controls, LCD screens and a wide range of pressor feet to help you tackle challenging tasks, like topstitching and piping. These machines tend to have hundreds of stitches, so you’ll have a variety to choose from.

Weight, Ergonomics and Speed Control

Three other important things to think about are ergonomics, weight and sewing speed control. If the machine is uncomfortable to use, it will probably wind up collecting dust in the closet. Many users prefer using machines that have more room on the right side of the needle. This gives you more space for your fabric and your hands.

If you plan on moving your machine often – say, out of a closet – look for a machine that’s light in weight.

Finally, you want to look for machines that give you control over the sewing speed. This will allow you to feed the fabric through the machine at a steady, consistent pace, rather than having to constantly start and stop your sewing.

My Recommendations for Beginner Sewing Machines

Some beginners prefer a computerized machine, while others like the simplicity of a mechanical machine. I’ve had the pleasure of testing many models, and I can confidently recommend one machine that falls into each category: the Singer 3232 and the Singer 7258.

1. Singer 3232 Simple Sewing Machine

Singer Simple 3232Its name says it all. This simple sewing machine sticks to the basics, but doesn’t skimp on performance of the features that matter most.

Perhaps the one feature that sets this model apart from other basic mechanical sewing machines is that it has an automatic threader. As a beginner, this feature will save you so much time and allow you to get a jumpstart on your projects.

Here’s a quick rundown of this model’s features:

  • Adjustable stitch width and length
  • 32 stitches: 6 basic stitches, 19 decorative, 6 stretch stitches; 1 buttonhole
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Metal frame is highly durable and prevents skipping when you’re sewing
  • Free arm
  • 4 snap-on presser feet
  • Accessory storage

The Singer 3232 sews smoothly and quietly, and it’s backed by the durability and quality you would expect from Singer. With a low price point of just over $100, this is the ideal machine for beginners.

The only complaint I had with this machine was the tension. You need to adjust it carefully as thread can easily break if you have too much tension. After fiddling with a few practice pieces of fabric, I finally found a setting that worked well for most projects.

Aside from this slight issue, the 3232 is the ideal sewing machine for anyone who is just getting started and is looking for a reliable, mechanical machine. You can read our full review of the Singer 3232 here.

Click here to purchase the Singer Simple 3232 sewing machine

2. Singer 7258 Computerized Sewing Machine

Singer Stylist 7258If you have a larger budget and prefer a computerized sewing machine, the 7258 from Singer is an excellent choice. It offers stitches than the 3232 and a few other extra features that make sewing easier.

Here’s a quick look at the 7258’s features:

  • 100 stitches
  • 10 presser feet for sewing, crafting and quilting
  • Top drop-in bobbin system
  • LED display
  • Automatic stitch width and length
  • Electronic auto pilot
  • Automatic needle threader
  • LED light illuminates workspace
  • 7 automatic buttonholes
  • Programmable needle up/down
  • Speed control

As you can see, this machine has a lot more features. But it comes at a price that’s much higher than my previous pick (about $165).

With that said, the extra features it offers is worth the extra cost. And if you like quilting, the inclusion of various presser feet will make it easy to get started on new quilting projects.

The LED display allows for easy stitch selection. All of the stitches are listed on the front of the machine, so you can quickly select the one you want.

The drop-in bobbin system is easy to load and features a clear cover, so you can see what you’re doing. It also has an automatic threader, so you never have to waste time trying to thread the needle by hand.

I highly recommend the Singer 7258 if you have a bigger budget and want a machine that offers more convenient features.

While both of these machines are excellent in their own right, the Singer 3232 is the best option for those on a tight budget who want a mechanical machine. For beginners who want a computerized machine, the Singer 7258 is the right choice. You can read our full review of it here.

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Best Sewing Machine for Kids & 5 Tips for Teaching Kids to Sew

You love sewing – it’s a passion and hobby for you. Eventually, your kids will get curious and interested in your fun pastime, and may even ask if they can sew along with you. Teaching sewing to children – no matter their age – can be a challenge, but the right machine can make the process so much easier. Kid-friendly machines are better suited for little hands, and their simple design makes it easy to master basic sewing techniques.

We’re going to be sharing our picks for the best sewing machine for kids, but first, let’s talk about the most important thing: teaching methods. How do you even begin to teach a child to sew?

5 Tips for Teaching Kids to Sew

Teaching your child to sew doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Here are some tips to help you get started:

child sewing1.      Start at the Right Age

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the appropriate time to teach kids to sew. Some parents have great success teaching their 4-year old child to sew, while others had better luck at the age of 8.

What it really comes down to is the child’s interest. How passionate is your child about sewing? The stronger the desire to learn, the easier it will be to teach. Even with the best sewing machine for a child, you won’t get far if your child is not interested.

I’ve found that age 6 is ideal to start. At this age, the child is old enough to use a sewing machine with supervision. Many 8-year old children are responsible enough to use a sewing machine without supervision.

2.      Be Their Guide

Some kids start out wanting to learn on a machine, but then change their minds when they learn about safety. What I like to do is guide the fabric while the child works the pedal. This way, they get a feel for how the machine works without having to worry about their little fingers getting in the way of the needle. Shortly after, they gain the confidence they need to start sewing on their own.

3.      Don’t Buy a Toy Machine

I know some parents won’t agree with this, but I don’t recommend starting with a toy machine. These machines are usually cheap, and they never truly teach the child how to use a real machine. There are plenty of simple, affordable machines on the market that children can use with ease.

4.      Take Things Slow

Most kids believe that faster is better. But that’s not the case with sewing. Make sure that your little one understands the importance of taking their time when sewing. Just be prepared, some kids will sew at an incredibly slow pace. Be patient, and never rush them.

5.      Encourage Creativity

Let your them choose the pattern and fabric. Being creative is a big part of what makes sewing so fun. Children will be more inclined to stick with a project if it’s something they choose. You enjoy picking out fabrics and patterns, so let your children enjoy the same excitement.

All of these tips will come in handy no matter which machine you use, but working on a kid-friendly sewing machine will make the entire process so much easier for your little one.

The 5 Best Kids Sewing Machine Models

Which machine is best? We’ve compiled a list of five excellent models to help you choose the right one for your child.

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

Janome 2212 sewing machineFrom one of the best brands in the industry, the Janome 2212 is a beginner sewing machine that’s ideal for kids. It’s lightweight at 15.2 pounds, and includes all of the basic stitches they will need.

In total, there are 12 stitches and a built-in 4-step buttonhole. Choosing stitches is easy – simply turn the dial on the front of the machine. All of the stitches are pictured on the top right side of the machine, so kids can quickly and easily find the stitch they need.

Both the width and length of the stitch can be adjusted with the simple turn of a dial. The drop feed also allows for free-form sewing and quilting if your child gets interested in quilting in the future. A reverse lever also makes it easy to lock stitches at the beginning and end of the seam.

Janome includes everything you need, so kids can start working on their first project right away.

Click here to learn more about the Janome 2212 sewing machine.

Janome 11706 3/4 Size Hello Kitty Sewing Machine

Janome 11706 Hello Kitty sewing machineWith a design kids will love, the Janome 11706 is a kid-friendly machine that features Hello Kitty. A 3/4 sewing machine, this model is pint-sized and weighs just 12 pounds. But don’t let its smaller size fool you – this is a real sewing machine.

A total of 11 stitches are included as well as a 4-step buttonhole. A free arm allows kids to work on small sleeves and legs with ease. All of the stitches can be selected using the dial on the front of the machine, and like the previous model, all stitches are pictured on the front for easy selection.

With a fun Hello Kitty design and all of the functions you’d find with a full-size standard sewing machine, Janome’s 11706 is one of our top picks for kid-friendly sewing machines.

Get Janome’s 11706 Hello Kitty sewing machine right now.

Singer 3232 Sewing Machine

singer simple 3232Singer is arguably the most well-known brand in the sewing industry and known for its quality, so you can be sure that their machines will last your child quite a few years. The Singer 3232 is a simple sewing machine that comes at an affordable price, and is so easy to use, kids will have no trouble learning how to sew.

One of the best features that this machine offers (especially for kids) is an automatic needle threader. Threading is usually one of the biggest challenges kids face when sewing, and this machine eliminates that frustration completely.

Altogether, there are 32 stitches included – more than your child will ever need. There are 6 stretch stitches, 6 essential stitches, 1 buttonhole and 19 decorative stitches.

The stitch length and width can be adjusted with the simple turn of a dial, and a 1-step buttonhole makes it so easy to add buttons to your work.

The heavy-duty metal frame adds a little weight to this machine, but it ensures skip-free sewing and the utmost in durability.

Click here to get the Singer 3232 today.

Brother XL2610 Sewing Machine

Brother 2610 sewing machineBrother’s XL2610 comes in a pretty pink and white design, and with just the right amount of stitches for beginners. Advanced features, like an automatic buttonholer and needle threader, make this machine a joy for kids to work with. And a built-in thread cutter makes it easy for kids to complete a seam without having to get out a sharp pair of scissors.

The XL2610 also offers a free arm, 25 stitches and 59 stitch functions. The automatic bobbin winder and drop-in bobbin system makes it easy to get started, and the built-in light helps kids see their project even if they’re working in the dark.

Because of its affordable price, we highly recommend this machine. It’s lacking some of the features the other machines offer, but it does not sacrifice the most important functions or on quality – and that’s what matters most.

Click here to get the Brother XL2610 today.

Janome Fast Lane Portable Sewing Machine

Janome Fast LaneA portable sewing machine offered in a variety of fun, bright colors. The Janome Fast Lane is the most affordable sewing machine on our list, and it’s probably one of the most kid-friendly options out there.

Small and compact, this machine weighs just 5 pounds. It comes with 10 stitches (more than you’ll ever need), and a free arm. The top loading drop-in bobbin makes it easy to set up the machine, and there are two needle positions available: left and center.

A manual thread tension dial makes it easy to adjust thread tension, and a finger guard helps protect young fingers while sewing.

Available in a vast array of colorful designs, this sewing machine is ideal for kids, and one of the machines we highly recommend to young sewists.

Click here to buy the Janome Fast Lane sewing machine now.

Singer One Plus Sewing Machine Review

Singer One Plus sewing machineMore possibilities come to the fore when you use the Singer One Plus sewing machine, one of the company’s easiest and most convenient sewing machines that any sewer can use. Once you understand how the machine’s advanced features work, operating it is as easy as pie. And with the easy-to-understand instructions in the introductory DVD that comes with the One Plus, you will be sewing in no time at all!

The Singer One Plus is a rock star even among the Singer Company’s other models in its sewing machine lines. From the way it looks all the way to how it performs, the One Plus is a convenient way to learn how to sew for novice sewers and a relaxing activity for seasoned sewers to complete their projects quicker than ever. Take a look at the features that make the One Plus outstanding amid similarly-purposed machines.

Features of the One Plus

From the first step of needle threading, the One Plus makes it easy for you. Its SwiftSmart Threading feature is simple to use. Just guide your thread from its spool to the machine’s needle area by using one groove and press the lever for quick and effortless needle threading. And speaking of needles, its up/down function is completely programmable.

Program this feature to make it easier for you to remove the fabric you are working on from the One Plus or halt its motion while in the “down” position and quilt, pivot, and appliqué your fabric easily. Or if you prefer doing some stitches, choose from 231 of the built-in ones in this Singer model to use for heirloom crafts, garment construction, home décor, quilting, or decorative and fashion sewing.

A stitch guide is included with a purchase of the One Plus. This handy reference informs you when you should use a stitch and in what setting you could use it on. Personalize all your sewing projects with the addition of special dates, memorable phrases, a monogram or a name with numeric stitches and built-in alphabet in block style. And as if that wasn’t enough, view your selected stitches on the LCD screen.

The images and numbers of your preferred stitches appear on the LCD display including their width and length settings. You can edit and save your selected combinations of stitches for creating personalized designs later on from the wide array of 212 decorative stitches, five stretch stitches, and seven essential stitches. Additionally, you can now sew buttonholes without the fuss or the hassle.

The fully automatic feature of the one-step buttonholing of seven buttonhole styles provides you with professional results all the time. Balance is created in the buttonholes as it sews each side in one direction. Its Endless Buttonhole feature gives you endlessly long sided buttonholes. The Exclusive Buttonhole Foot with Underplate sews buttonholes in areas other buttonholing devices are unable to reach.

Proper position even when you start sewing is ensured with the presser foot sensor. The tendency for thread bunching is considerably reduced because the sewing machine does not start working if this presser foot is raised. With the Speed Control Lever, you can just unplug the machine’s foot control and press the “start” button and the machine begins to sew.

There are certain things that the One Plus does which encourage its owner to be more creative. The On Cycle Stitch Button, for instance, can sew a single stitch unit and, by pressing the button while you are sewing one stitch sequence, stop automatically at the end of the particular cycle that you are sewing. This provides you with complete creativity to change stitches, embellish with decorative stitches, etc.

You can tie-off stitches with the One Plus’s Tacking Stitch Button, all three small stitches of it which prevent unraveling. And it’s easy to taper with the zigzag stitch with the One Plus’s Center Zigzag Stitch. Instead of tapering to the right or left, you stitch tapers exclusively to the center of whatever you are working on, resulting in a more appealing look.

You don’t have to spend extra cash for sewing accessories because these are inclusive with your purchase. These accessories are conveniently kept in a storage area inside of the free arm of the machine and includ the following:

  • Pack of needles.
  • A seam ripper.
  • Satin stitch foot.
  • Foot control.
  • Class 15J bobbins.
  • Blind hem foot.
  • Instructional manual with stitch guide.
  • Auxiliary pin for the spool.
  • All-purpose foot.
  • Lint brush.
  • Spool caps for thread.
  • Zipper foot.
  • Power cord.
  • Dust cover with soft side.
  • Machine introduction DVD.
  • A screwdriver for use on the needle plate.
  • Quick start guide.
  • Spool pin made of felt.
  • Buttonhole foot with underplate.

Pros and Cons


  • The number of features of this computerized sewing machine provides the user with a lot of options.
  • Very user-friendly.
  • Produces even stitches that look smooth and professionally done.
  • Great value for money.


  • Use of the thread cutter may take time to get used to because of its awkward location.
  • Instructional manual is not detailed.

What Customers Say About the One Plus

Of the 90 Amazon reviews, 62 customers gave it a rating of five stars. This gave the One Plus an overall Amazon rating of 4.4 stars out of five. This particular model appears to have made a lot of fans with its reportedly excellent performance. Among the One Plus features that customers mentioned as satisfactory included its smooth and quiet operation.

Fluid and smooth stitching is another result reported by a customer because of the way the One Plus pulls the fabric at an even and gentle pace; all the user has to do is lend it a “guiding hand.” Yet another feature appreciated by customers is the quick and easy automatic threading that it has. One customer reported that even the first try to thread the needle proved to be successful in her particular experience.


Should you buy the Singer One Plus? Actually, the question would be more appropriate if it were “why shouldn’t you buy the One Plus?” With all its excellent features, not buying the One Plus will make you miss out on all the creative projects you could have done with it. It is an outstanding machine at an outstanding price with an excellent reputation. What’s not to like?

Click here to purchase the Singer One Plus from Amazon

Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Sewing Machine Review

When was the last time you used a sewing machine that turned out consistently attractive, fast and amazing results? Be it garments, home décor, children’s costumes, heirloom crafts or other accessories, the Singer Quantum Stylist sewing machine can help you do your sewing project faster and with visible quality, from the streamlined stitches to the embellishment details. You get style when you use Singer’s Quantum Stylist.

They say a good product is known by the excellence of its features and the Singer Quantum Stylist sewing machine has a whole wide array of them including stitch editing capabilities that enable the user to control the stitch pattern’s exact look through mirror imaging and elongation. Take a look at what features make the Singer 9960 a must-have.

Features of the Singer Quantum Stylist

Even before we go into the wonders of the stitches built in this sewing machine, let’s start off with its automatic needle threader. This is just so easy, from spool to needle’s eye, needle threading is no longer a task that is hit-or-miss for the sewer, saving a lot of sewing time. The threading instructions, in fact, are printed right on the machine itself.

And then we go off to the bobbin system that is not only easy to operate because its top loading is drop in but convenient to monitor as far as thread supply is concerned because it comes with a clear cover you can see through. Now we come to the 600 stitches that are making the Quantum Stylist increasingly popular with hobbyists and veteran sewers alike.

As mentioned, this model has 600 stitch patterns, all built into it, including five fonts and 13 styles of buttonholes which can be done and completed in just one step. Buttonhole sides are each sewn in one direction to prevent stitching gaps and fabric distortion. The stitches are listed on a reference chart located on the machine’s upper lid to enable you to see all 600 stitches and choose your preferred stitches.

With a large extension sewing area for working on heavy projects like quilting, the Quantum Stylist’s interior frame is built of metal to prevent wobbling or shaking while you sew, providing sewing that is skip-free and assuring you of overall durability even as time goes by. Easier and faster sewing is provided by the automatic thread cutter as well for trimming lower and upper threads.

Unsure of how wide or how long your stitches should be? The LCD screen acts as your very own digital information advisor. View the stitch information on the LCD screen’s clear display and find out the most suitable width and length settings for your stitches. Even the appropriate presser foot to use is recommended and displayed on the LCD screen as well.

The Exclusive Buttonhole Underplate was designed to complement the buttonholing feature by “sandwiching” the fabric between the buttonhole foot and a lower underplate to guarantee perfection in buttonholes even when they are sewn on bulky or multiple layers of fabric. This underplate creates buttonholes in areas where other buttonholing devices are unable to reach.

Get ready for a deluge of presser feet and accessories inclusive to the Quantum Stylist:

  • All-purpose foot.
  • Open toe foot.
  • Quilting foot for even feed.
  • Rolled hem foot.
  • Walking foot.
  • Embroidery and darning foot.
  • Blind hem foot.
  • Overcasting foot.
  • Cording foot for straight stitches.
  • Button sewing foot.
  • Zipper foot.
  • Satin stitch foot.
  • Buttonhole foot with underplate.

But wait, there’s actually more:

  • Single welt cording foot.
  • Braiding foot with a guide.
  • Adjustable bias binder foot.
  • Fancy trim foot.
  • Presser foot shank.
  • Clearance place.
  • Stitch-in-the-dark foot.

The following accessories are also included:

  • Instructional manual.
  • Foot controller.
  • Seam ripper.
  • Large extension work table.
  • Class 15J bobbins.
  • Lint brush.
  • Dust cover with hard side.
  • A pack of needles.
  • Screwdrivers.
  • Quilting bar.
  • Spool caps.
  • Power cord.
  • Spool pin with a felt washer.
  • A seam guide.

Pros and Cons of the Singer 9960


The fact that the Quantum Stylist comes with a 25 year limited warranty, inclusive of five years’ warranty on electronics and a year’s warranty on adjustments, says a lot about the performance of this sewing machine. A quarter of a century guarantee to the customer of the machine’s durability is certainly a long time to wait until it conks out and tells you that you made a good long term investment.

The list of “pros” for the 9960 would seem endless, given the sheer volume of its features and additional accessories but what would stand out are the use of ease of this particular Singer model, the extensive selection of stitches, the quality of the stitches as seen in their professional look, and the unique qualities of endless buttonholing, and the clutter-free storage of accessories in the free arm.


Although the “cons” for this Singer computerized sewing machine are irrelevant to the manufacturing aspect — such as the behavior exhibited by customer service representatives and expired warranties – these could be easily addressed by the retailer/supplier/seller of the sewing machine in coordination with the Singer Company. There were no reported “cons” that can be considered as major concerns.

What Customers Say About the Quantum Stylist

This particular Singer model was given a five star rating by 823 out of 1,079 Amazon customer reviews, meaning there were more satisfied customers in general with the majority dismissing the “cons” as minor or negligible. Again, the higher number of positive reviews tells you a lot about the performance of the Singer 9960 because 823 customers cannot be all wrong with their review submissions.


Finally, we come to the question: should you buy the Singer Quantum Stylist? You should be able to tell if the features of this particular Singer model are going to be useful for your specific needs. And if you typically base your purchase decisions in part on customer reviews, the decision to buy the Quantum Stylist will not be difficult to make at all. If you are a beginner and the features of this machine are more than you need you may consider the Singer 7258 Stylist.

Click here purchase the Singer Quantum Stylist from Amazon

Singer 7470 Confidence Sewing Machine Review

Singer 7470 sewing machineIt’s hard not to be creative with the Singer Confidence 7470 because of the excitement it brings to any sewer. From its “drop and sew” bobbin system to the pre-programmed settings that are all completely adjustable, sewing becomes more enjoyable and fun to do. Not to mention the 150 stitches that come built in for this particular Singer model. Read on to find out the 7470’s excellent features.

Features of the Singer 7470

Consider the 7470’s automatic needle threader which can make quick work of what used to be the laborious task of threading the needle through its eye. And then we come to the previously mentioned “drop and sew” bobbin system. You simply place a wound bobbin in the case and run the thread through the bobbin guide. That’s it. The 7470 will draw up the thread automatically for you.

Then we get right down to the 150 stitches. A lot of decorative stitches, four buttonholing types with each one needing only a single step for completion, upper and lower cases for an alphabet, a quilt stitch, numbers, temporary memory for 20 characters, an option for continuous design sewing, and the capability not only to edit stitches but to elongate and mirror image them all come with using these 150 stitches.

Each of them has pre-programmed optimal settings which are adjustable to accommodate your project’s requirements. Six of the commonly used stitches can be accessed easily with a one-touch button selector, 13 needle positions for topstitching, cording or inserting zippers, a drop feed, an LCD screen display, and a free arm that features a storage for accessories that include a snap-one five type presser feet.

The Singer Confidence 7470 sewing machine is all about buttons. Width and length of stitches stop being guesswork with the One-Touch Stitch Selection that provides optimum settings for these requirements. Add your name, a phrase or monogram with the built-in alphabet with block styling. The memory bank can hold simple phrases as well as full names with up to 20 characters.

If you are pivoting, quilting or appliquéing fabric, the programmable up/down mechanism for the needle enables it to stop in a “down” position so you can sew better. Even buttonhole sewing is done better with this sewing machine. Each of the buttonholes is sewn perfectly in one direction that results in balanced buttonholes all the time. Center zigzag tapering is a breeze since the stitch tapers only to the fabric’s center.

The 7470’s LCD display screen provides easy and clear viewing not only of stitch patterns but their lengths and widths as well. Settings for stitch lengths automatically adjust when you choose a particular. You can always override any stitch, however, to personalize your choice of length. This goes the same for stitch widths that, incidentally, it can widen for more pronounced and bolder visual appeal.

Relevant and highly useful accessories come with the sewing machine including the following (which may be stored inside the storage area of the free arm):

  • Soft dust cover.
  • Bobbins.
  • Blind hem foot.
  • Spool felts.
  • A ripper for seams.
  • Zipper foot.
  • An auxiliary pin for the spool.
  • A pack of needles.
  • All-purpose foot.
  • An L-type screwdriver.
  • Lint brush.
  • Satin stitch foot.
  • Spool caps.
  • Buttonhole foot.

Pros and Cons of the Singer Confidence Sewing Machine


Let’s just say that a company that provides a 25 year guarantee, no matter if it is limited, has the willingness to stake its reputation on its product because of excellent quality and high caliber performance. Since the company we are talking about here is Singer, it goes without saying that the inclusion of the five year warranty on electronic parts and the one year warranty on labor translates to good customer service as well.

A notable “pro” is the 7470’s automatic functions for tacking and tying off stitches, two crucial aspects of sewing that are often overlooked. Four small tacking stitches reinforce the beginning and the end of each pattern to ensure professional-grade stitching and prevent stitch unraveling. The automatic tie-off functions buttresses straight stitches at their beginning and end to tighten them.

The buttonhole underplate which “sandwiches” the fabric between it and the presser foot is a system exclusively developed by the Singer Company to ensure that the buttonholes are equally well-sewn and appropriately placed on both the most lightweight and the thickest fabrics. Additionally, you can create two rows in parallel formation using the twin needle control as a decorative touch for all your projects.

The 7470’s editing capabilities are appreciated by the customers who have purchased this particular Singer model. The machine’s cursor button is capable of moving through the memory space to remove a letter or stitch. Select stitches can also be used for decorative stitching by mirror imaging them.

Another “pro” for the 7470 is its automatic tension that provides stable and quality straight stitching regardless of what fabric type is used, from the thinnest silks to the roughest denims. Select stitches can also be sewn continuously or as one pattern. Automatic is how pressure is exerted on fabric by the presser foot against the machine’s feed dogs, making presser foot adjustments a thing of the past.

Bobbin threading has never been easy but with this sewing machine it thankfully is. The bobbin’s case “floats” right above a hook that prevents thread jams even when you are sewing on the sheerest of fabric or none at all. The bobbin has an automatic winding clutch in which the needle bar disengages automatically when bobbin winding is in progress, providing safety for the sewer.


Some customer reviews reported that they had to have their sewing machines serviced in just a short period of time after purchasing them but the figure for these reviews are not enough to dismiss it as a product that isn’t worth trying. Additionally, the experiences of these customers may be attributed to other causes such as shipping and handling, the reason why you should buy only from reputable sellers.

What Customers Say

Based on Amazon 108 customer reviews, 56 gave it a five star rating and 17 gave it a four star rating. The rest gave it three-, two-, and one-star ratings. Still, more than half of the overall number of Amazon customer reviews indicated their satisfaction with this model, proof that this particular Singer model performs very well as its manufacturer claims it does.


The 7470 may not exactly be in the league of other computerized sewing machine models because its decorative stitches are relatively smaller in size, but there is no doubt that this is ideal for those who are interested in both quilting and embroidery. If you require smooth stitching, ease of use, and automatic tension, the 7470 can serve you well even if you aren’t exactly swooning over stitches.

Should you buy the Singer 7470? The answer is yes, but only if you want to upgrade your existing sewing machine or would like to learning sewing on a durable, affordable, and high performing model. A beginner sewer would be greatly encouraged by the excellent features of the 7470. If you prefer a machine with only basic features in place, however, your best option is to choose a model that will address your specific needs.

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Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter Sewing Machine Review

Singe r7469q confidence quilterHow could the film, “How to Make an American Quilt” have ended if the Singer 7469Q came, literally, into the picture and all the female characters used it? Quilting has been made easier by the 7469Q and may even be a significant contributor to a big comeback for quilting as an American art. This particular Singer model has numerous advanced features that making quilting not only creative but relaxing as well.

As mentioned, the features of this quilter are nothing but impressive and it will take the most cynical of quilters not to admit that this Singer packs a wallop that can make quilting quicker and more systematic. So, if you truly love quilting, or would like to learn the fine art that it is, read on to discover what features it has to offer the quilter in you, regardless of what level you are currently at.

Features of the Singer Confidence Quilter

The fact that this Singer quilting machine comes with a hundred built-in stitches – including the basic utility stitches, seven styles for buttonhole stitches that can all be done in a single step, and a carefully-chosen set of decorative stitches – is the best introductory feature that any sewer can hope to have with a new sewing machine. The 7469Q even has a bar tack buttonhole with an “infinity” capability.

This means even oversized buttons can be accommodated because you can make the buttonholes as long as needed. This feature opens the opportunities for you to create more than just garments. This infinite bar tacking is terrific for making crafts such as embroidered canvas tote bags with flaps and small denim backpacks complete with copper button closures.

Some of the available product descriptions indicate the number of stitches that come with the 7469Q as 97 and others have indicated the number as 98 but the actual figure is really 100 in total as per the actual reference guide, the Singer Company’s website, and the instructional manual for the machine. Choosing a stitch is a breeze. Just read the information on the reference guide prior to choosing the machine.

Just push the appropriate button and sew away for the one-step selection of a dozen stitches which are the most commonly used utility as well as decorative stitches. This is not the old, weighty Singer sewing machine of 20 or 30 years ago. While the machine itself is built on a metal frame with heavy duty capability, the machine’s facing is made of plastic as are several other parts.

The 7469Q requires using class 15J bobbins so you need to use the appropriate needle and thread combination, including the bobbins. You can read about the requirements for the needle and fabric that are most suitable for use on this model. Like all of Singer’s Confidence line of sewing machines, it has good illumination from LED lighting over the work area.

The Confidence Quilter has a built in carry handle for portability but it is also mountable to a cabinet or table. This particular Singer model has the unique combination of having automated functions as well as the capability to adjust and fine-tune these built-in features as you progress in the different levels of sewing and require more advanced sewing techniques.

Purchase of the 7469Q includes eight snap-on style of presser feet, with the presser foot’s height adjustable to up, down, and extra-high to accommodate multiple or bulky layers of fabric. Aside from the satin special purpose foot, blind hem foot, buttonhole foot, general purpose foot, and the zipper foot, a ¼ inch foot, an even feed foot, and an embroidery and darning foot come with the purchase of the this sewing machine.

Another great feature of this machine is its horizontal delivery of the top thread by keeping it moving steadily and continuously to prevent bunching of the fabric. There is also a reverse button located right above and to the needle’s right which can also create a locking stitch. At this point, you may wonder if the 7469Q has any “pros” and “cons” which can help you in making an informed purchase decision; here they are.

Pros and Cons


  • Automatic needle threading.
  • Systematized feed dogs equipped with six segments.
  • Control button for twin needles which can run two identical stitch lines in two different colors or same color of thread; this control button also prevents selection of stitches that are not compatible with twin needles.
  • The thread tension is automatic and adjustable.
  • The Down/Up position for the needle is programmable. You just leave the needle in an up or down position after you have finished sewing a line of stitches for strong and tight corners; you can even leave your needle inserted in your fabric while you rotate it.
  • The automatic bobbin winder stops when it senses the bobbin case is already fully loaded. The “drop and sew” bobbin system, meanwhile, handles the task of pulling up the thread from the bobbin.
  • With 13 positions that a needle can assume, you can easily get as close as possible to the edge, zipper or seam to complete a complicated or decorative seam.
  • Darning, free motion embroidery, and free motion quilting can all be done in a jiffy with the drop system for the feed dogs. Just lower them by removing the machine’s extension table and accessing the button located at the machine’s back.
  • Because it’s self-lubricating, there’s no need to use oil on the 7469Q ever.
  • When there is need for additional power to push through multiple or bulky layers of fabric, the Optimum Power Control senses this and responds to the situation accordingly to enable even flow for the speed maintenance of the stitches.


  • Some customer reviews mentioned they were unable to adjust the pressure on the presser foot.
  • No other bobbins can be used except those of class 15J.
  • The twin needle has to be purchased separately.

What Customers Say

Based on 172 Amazon reviews, this quilting sewing machine was given five stars by 92 customers, four stars by 32 customers, three stars by 12 customers, two stars by 15 customers, and one star by 21 customers. The 7469Q received an overall Amazon rating of 3.9 stars out of five, a surprising development considering how the same model registered an average rating of between 4.2 and 5 on third party websites.

Customers have noticed that the 7469Q and another Singer model, the 7469, may actually be the same machine because it seems they have the same everything: functionality, instructional manual, features, size. The only differences being a quilting package, a large extension table, and extra presser feet. Amazon sells the 7469 for more than the 7469Q. More accessories and the same machine with a lower price tag!


Beginner sewers may find the 7469Q’s controls a little intimidating to operate at first but this model has an easy to understand selection of stitches as well as buttons and uncomplicated images to let you know exactly what each button’s capabilities are. Even if you never watched “How to Make an American Quilt” you might think of taking up quilting. If you do, consider the Singer Confidence Quilter.

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Singer 7258 Stylist Sewing Machine Review

Singer 7258 sewing machineA sewing machine that features only a few stitches will put a limit on the amount of projects you can create. The Singer 7258 Stylist does exactly what its name says: it gives anything you sew a sense of style that other machines cannot.

Imagine a hundred stitches that has a wide berth of uses, from the straight and basic to zigzag lines and decorative styles which can add embellished details on anything you choose, including clothes, blankets, and drapes, among others. Beautiful stitches are not the only going for the 7258 because this model has a plethora of features that anyone with a passion for sewing will appreciate.

Features of the Singer Stylist 7258

The metal frame is obviously heavy duty to ensure that you never have skipped stitches from the machine wobbling or shaking while you sew. Threading is made more convenient by the automatic needle threader that can get the job done from spool to needle’s eye in six seconds or so. This quick action will definitely save you a lot of time. The instructions, in fact, are printed on the machine itself.

The LED screen will display your selected stitch as well as its width and length settings. And although all of the stitches are built in and have default settings for optimum stitch width and stitch length, you can always override the settings to accommodate other specifications that your projects demand. The 7258’s bobbin is easy to insert because it loads from the top.

This top-loading mechanism has a rotating, magnet-type hook with a vertical axis to ensure quiet and smooth sewing that is resistant to thread jamming. The bobbin “floats” right above the rotating hook to prevent thread jams and has a clear cover for you to see through and monitor the supply of thread. Additionally, you will find bobbin insertion easy since it loads from the top.

The 7258 is equipped with a long-lasting LED light bulb to illuminate the machine’s sewing surface for your optimal viewing. This LED light bulb has a power time of 100,000 hours and stays cool no matter how long you use the machine. And use it longer you will because sewing will become more fun with the inclusion of nine basic stitches, 76 decorative stitches, eight stretch stitches, and seven buttonhole stitches.

With 13 positions for the needle that can be changed for a project’s specifications – topstitching, cording, and inserting zippers – and creation of each of the six buttonhole styles in just one step, think of how much time you can save when you use the this sewing machine. The programmable needle up and/or down control and start or stop button ensures that you have complete control not only of the needle and buttonholes but speed as well.

Program the needle to “down” and it stops to allow you appliquéing, quilting or pivoting the fabric. Or you can unplug foot control and press the button for the machine to start sewing. All you have to do is slide the lever for speed control and you get the maximum speed you desire. Speaking of speed, it is capable of doing 750 SPM to ensure that your projects are sewn on time.

Because it is a fully automatic sewing machine, all you need to do to tie-off your decorative stitches in the beginning and in the end of each sequence is to push a button. Tie-off your straight stitches the same way to reinforce the beginning as well as the end of each seam tightly to prevent seams from unraveling. Sew stitches easily in reverse by pushing the reverse button.

Enjoy the inclusion of ten types of presser feet — for blind hem, overcastting, zipper, satin stitch, embroidery, rolled hem, gathering, darning, buttonhole, and all purpose – as you sew, mend or quilt. Set the maximum 6mm width for satin and decorative stitches to give your projects pizzazz. Even the pressure exerted by any of the presser feet against the specially designed feed dogs on your fabric is automatic.

Pros and Cons


The common problem of most sewers with fabric not being picked up or supported will not happen with the 7258 because of its six segmented feed dog system that ensures your fabric is brought up from the presser foot’s front all the way to the rear for accurate feeding. Whether you are a beginner or a professional sewer, you will find the 7258’s extra height to the lifter of the presser feet convenient.

A second height provides additional clearance under the pressure feet for accommodating multiple or bulky fabric layers. You don’t even have to make adjustments to the presser foot because of the automatic pressure in it. This is how you can sew the lightest tricots to the heaviest of denims with the sensory control system that helps you know when you need additional power to maintain speed.

To prevent clutter, the on-board storage in the machine’s free arm help you access all the accessories or sewing tools that you will need while you sew. Generally, the Singer Stylist sewing machine is ideal for the sewing beginner or hobbyist who wants an upgrade from the traditional machines. This is because the 7258 has features that make transitioning from traditional to digital sewing machines easy, convenient, and fun.


Despite its various modernized features, some customer reviews found the use of this computerized sewing machine difficult precisely because of the modernity. Some reviews pointed out that the 7258 can be too complicated to operate because of the plethora of stitches and all the automation processes involved. Still, these “cons” cannot really be considered manufacturer’s defects but personal preferences.

What Customers Say

Based on 1,314 Amazon customer reviews, 901 gave the Singer Stylist sewing machine a rating of five stars out of five, 195 gave it four stars, 59 gave it three stars, 40 rated it two stars, and 119 gave it one star. Based on the figures, a majority of customers indicated satisfaction with this model, notwithstanding the 119 who gave it one star, mainly because of the “cons” mentioned earlier.


The Singer 7258 Stylist is not for the faint of heart. While some beginner sewers will thoroughly enjoy this particular Singer model, others will not, as the “cons” pointed out, and opt for a model that has basic features with a few dials, foot pedal, and the bobbin case located either underneath the machine or on its side. This sewing machine, to put it mildly, will work for the beginner sewer only if the sewer is the adventurous type.

Should you buy this particular Singer model? Yes, but only if you are willing to go from traditional to digital in sewing machines and only if you have a sense of adventure to try out new ways to sew. If you feel you are ready to use a fully automatic and digital sewing machine, there shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t become the proud owner of a Singer 7258.

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Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Review

Singer 4423 sewing machineSinger 4423 Sewing Machine packs a wallop when it comes to features. Whatever type of sewing project you have, this Singer model can perform excellently to complete it in the quickest time possible. With an extremely powerful motor and incredible sewing speed, this machine is surprisingly easy to use and delivers on its promise to give you professionally-sewn results.

Features of the 4423

The numerous features of this Singer heavy duty sewing machine can be overwhelming for the novice sewer. Its metal frame is heavy duty to prevent any skipping motion while you sew. The features can be exciting for sewers at the advanced level or even those who have been professionals for a long time. The 4423 is the machine to use if you want to start any sewing project from scratch because you can count on its versatility.

The needle threader, for instance, is automatic, meaning you can save on sewing time right from the beginning. Its speed rate of 1,100 stitches per minute enables you to bring all of your creative ideas quickly and complete projects in record time. If quicker threading is one of the features you need in a sewing machine, the top bobbin is the drop-in type with clear cover so you can see what’s going on down there.

Buttonholing is just as easily done with this sewing machine’s one step-buttonhole stitching which results in professional-looking buttonholes all the time. If its unsurpassed topstitching that you desire, the 4423’s drop feed operates in a free motion and on a bedplate made of stainless steel to ensure the smoothest feed of any kind of fabric for uniform sewing. And how the stitches will astound you!

There are 23 stitches, all built in, that you can choose for sewing crafts, fashionable garments, home décor, accessories, costumes, and other projects. Six stitches have been designed for use in mending and clothing construction and four are the stretch kinds of stitches that have been designed to move specifically with fabrics and 12 are decorative stitches that can create very special details on anything you sew.

The inclusion of relevant accessories (which can be stored in the machine’s free arm’s accessory tray) should put a smile on any sewer’s face. They include:

  • A pack of needles.
  • An auxiliary pin for spools.
  • A buttonhole foot.
  • A spool pin made of felt.
  • Spool caps for thread.
  • A zipper foot.
  • Class 15 bobbins.
  • An L-class screwdriver.
  • A lint brush.
  • A guide for quilting and edging techniques.
  • A foot for button sewing.
  • A dust cover with a soft side.
  • An all-purpose foot.
  • A seam ripper.

Adjust the 4423’s needle tension on any kind of fabric or change the settings to accommodate the requirements of any special project. With three positions available for the needle, you can easily switch needles for topstitching, cording or inserting zippers. The free arm mentioned earlier gives you convenient access to hard-to-reach areas such as sewing cuffs, pant hems, and collars.

You can set your stitches to have the maximum 5mm width for satin and other decorative stitches types. And the presser foot can be lifted extra high to allow more clearance when working on bulky or multiple layers of fabric under it. The 4423’s on-board storage tray also provides you with easy access to any of the accessories mentioned earlier.

The pressure control of the presser foot against the feed dogs enables you to sew anything from the lightest tricots to the thickest denim without making adjustments to the pressure control. You don’t have to worry about safety either; the needle bar disengages automatically when sewing heavy fabrics while the bobbin winds. The 4423’s convenient carry handle makes it highly portable; it can also be mountable into any cabinet in just several steps.

Because of the Singer Company’s well established reputation as a market leader in the sewing machine industry, this particular Singer sewing machine, like its counterpart models, has a limited 25 year warranty on the machine’s head, two years on the electrical components, and 90 days on labor or services rendered. The 4423 is also warranted for use in schools, commercial establishments, and households.

Pros and Cons


Its powerful motor ensures excellent sewing performance for even the largest and heaviest projects including tailoring jobs. The 4423’s entire operation is automatic which not only saves time but provides convenience for the sewer. There will be no wobbling or shaking when sewing with the 4423 because its internal body is constructed from solid metal and its metal frame has been designed to withstand wear and tear.

The inclusion of accessories translates to value for your money since you don’t need to buy each of them separately. The 4423 is user-friendly and comes with a free arm that doubles up with its storage tray. This makes it convenient to have more work space when sewing large or heavy projects such as curtains and children’s costumes. The 4423 can be easily cleaned and just as easily set up.


Some customer reviews mentioned the lack of a hard cover, an automatic tension system, switch or button for speed control, and an LED screen display as “cons.” While these “cons” are valid, there are other Singer models that are able to address them accordingly. Additionally, only a minority of customer reviews mentioned these “cons” which are not manufacturer’s defects but only a matter of the particular model’s design.

What Do Customers Say

Based on 1,909 Singer review submissions from Amazon, the 4423 obtained an overall rating of 4.2 stars out of five with 1,218 customers giving this particular Singer model five stars and 316 giving it four stars. The rest of the reviews for the 4423 obtained three stars from 97 customers, two stars from 80 reviews, and one star from 197 customers.

As mentioned in the “cons,” the 4423 was designed with heavy duty sewing in mind and even with the lack of certain features considered by some as “cons,” you can see that the majority of the customer reviews indicated satisfaction with their purchase of the 4423. Still, the Singer Company should take all of these “cons” into consideration for a future upgrade which would be welcomed by customers.


As to the Singer 4423 vs 4411 comparison, the former clearly comes out as the winner and considered by numerous customers as the best heavy duty model among similarly-purposed sewing machines. While the 4423’s price tag is higher than the 4411’s, the value of the former can be translated to its different features that are very essential in heavy duty sewing.

Should you buy the Singer 4423? If you share the same preferences as those mentioned in the “cons,” don’t. Don’t buy the 4423 and choose another Singer model that has the LED screen display, hard cover, switch or button for speed control, and automatic tension system. If you don’t have any issues with those and do heavy duty sewing most, if not all, of the time, then by all means, get yourself the 4423.

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Singer 3232 Simple Sewing Machine Review

Singer 3232 sewing machineJust because the Singer 3232 has the word “simple’ in its name does not mean it cannot perform as well as its more advanced siblings. More often than not, “simple” is better and more noticeable. In this case, the Singer 3232 Simple Sewing Machine is something that sewers of all levels should seriously consider. Not only does it pack a wallop when it comes to features, it is affordably-priced, too.

Features of the Singer 3232

Its needle has an automatic threader that significantly cuts down sewing time and its one-step buttonholing process, which is fully automatic as well, provides professional sewing results with just one touch of the button. Six stretch stitches, six basic stitches, one buttonhole stitch, and 19 decorative stitches will provide you a nearly limitless selection for any sewing project you wish to do, including mending.

The 19 decorative stitches enable you to add special details on clothes, curtains, pillow cases, table runners, linens napkins, and tea cozy towels, among others. Six stretch stitches have been designed to facilitate ease of movement of any kind of fabric you work on. And the buttonhole stitch creates perfect, streamlined buttonholes in a one-step process to make sewing them even easier for you.

The Singer Simple sewing machine has an adjustable feature for both width and length that ensures your seams remain strong and there is no bunching of any kind on whatever fabric you work on. Stitch width and length can both be personalized by just turning the dial. This machine’s metal frame has been constructed and designed for heavy duty performance, so expect it to last a long, long time.

Its durability is matched only by its 25 year warranty, albeit limited on the machine’s head, with two years on the electric components and three months on labor and services. It comes with free accessories to help you get started on sewing. These include a power cord, instructional DVD and manual, a pack of needles, a guide on quilting and edging technique, Class 15 bobbins, and an L-type screwdriver.

And there’s more: a darning plate, auxiliary pin for the spool, a dust cover with soft sides, a foot control, and several types of sewing feet including a zipper foot, a button sewing foot, an all-purpose foot, and a buttonhole foot. All of these are stored in the free arm of the sewing machine which makes access to pant hems, cuffs, collars, and other hard-to-reach sewing areas.

The quick start guide helps to get you going, from threading the machine to indicating which kind of presser foot to use for certain types of sewing. And speaking of foot, the Singer Simple Sewing Machine’s presser foot has an extra high lifter to provide additional clearance when you work on bulky or multiple layers of fabrics. And at the speed of 750 SPM, your sewing time is shortened considerably.

Create decorative and satin stitches with the 5mm width feature, sew lightweight and heavy fabrics easily without any pressure adjustments to the presser foot, and change needle positions conveniently per an individual project’s requirements such as cording, topstitching, and inserting zippers. And while the 3232 may not be what advanced sewers expect, this model does have a powerful motor.

Pros and Cons


Everything a beginner would want or need from a sewing machine is in this sewing machine. The number and selection of built-in stitches in this Singer model are relevant for use and appreciated by those who have purchased this machine. Admittedly, while this machine’s automatic features are not as extensive as those of more advanced models, the one that are built in are easier to navigate, a plus factor for novice sewers.

Usability-wise, it is capable of sewing 750 stitches per minute, a feature that you will appreciate when you need to complete projects in a jiffy. The metal frame of the 3232 is, of course, one feature that spells durability, and durability is what novice sewers would typically look for in a sewing machine. This is because learning how to sew for some may take longer and a sewing machine that has durability can go a long way and “grow” with the user.


The only “con” mentioned, if it can even be considered that, has nothing to do with its performance, since it operates very quietly, and everything to do with its simplicity. But since its name includes the word “simple,” customers who have reported dissatisfaction because of the 3232’s “lack” of features should look at other Singer models with more features such as digital performance.

What Customers Say

Of the 53 Amazon customer reviews, 29 gave it five stars. And while the overall star rating for this Singer model whittles down to 3.8 stars out of five, the “pros” still far outweigh the “cons” submitted by customers. While one customer review mentioned the price of the 3232 is higher than similarly-purposed sewing machines, no other customer reviews considered price as a major purchase deciding factor.

If you base your purchase decision on customer reviews, it is still a good buy, even with its price because of the numerous features that come with it. The number of accessories alone is one good reason why customers have bought the 3232. Quality is not the issue here for customers who are either professional sewers or looking for advanced features, obviously, but quantity.


Should you buy the Singer 3232 Simple Sewing Machine with Automatic Needle Threader? This review doesn’t see any reason not to if, as repeatedly mentioned, you are a beginner sewer. This machine is, in fact, suitable even for the intermediate level sewer who doesn’t mind working with a simple and uncomplicated sewing machine that has quality stitches and saves the user a considerable amount of sewing time.

Yes, it is a manual sewing machine without the amazing performance of other Singer models that have been designed with digital capabilities, but, contrary to one customer review, its price is affordable for those who are on a budget, and this is mainly because budgets and durability go hand-in-hand. And the durability is, unquestionably, what has made it beloved among the customers who purchased it.

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Singer 2259 Tradition Free Arm Sewing Machine Review

Singer 2259 sewing machineThe Singer 2259 Tradition Easy-to-Use Free-Arm 19-Stitch Sewing Machine is simple to use, performs well, and packs a wallop when it comes to its features. Novice or professional, this Singer model surpasses every sewer’s expectations, whether you want to start sewing as a hobby or want to create more sewing projects using more features.

You may have tried other sewing machine brands but none will be easier or most comfortable to use than the 2259, a two-time recipient of the Women’s Choice Award, especially if you are a beginner in sewing and completely clueless on how a sewing machine works. Even 12-year-olds will find the 2259 a breeze to operate. Read on to have an idea how this Singer model works.

Features of the Singer 2259

This Singer model has a plethora of features, some of which are truly noteworthy.

With a solid interior structure and heavy duty-strength metal frame, the 2259’s mechanisms are all well aligned to eliminate skips in sewing. Its thread tension can only be described as excellent because of the accuracy of the stitches made by an automatic system regardless of the kind of fabric being sewn. While this feature is helpful for the beginner, the seasoned sewer may want to override the tension’s pre-setting.

The user has 19 stitches to choose from, with the basic, decorative, and stretch stitches all built-in. The zigzag widths and stitch lengths can both be adjusted for strengthening seams and prevent fabric bunching. The 2259 has multiple positions for its needles designed for topstitching, cording, and inserting zippers, among other tasks. You can also easily do alterations of clothes or home décor with all of these stitches.

The Singer Tradition 2259 is capable of automatic buttonholing in just four easy steps. Equipped with presser feet that are snapped on and stitch threading that is selection-automatic, the user won’t need any more tools to sew quickly. If bobbin winding has always been your problem, the 2259 not only makes it easier but safer for you by doing it automatically, disengaging the needle while the bobbin is winding.

Other useful features of the 2259 include:

  • Variable stitch lengths.
  • Presser foot can be lifted extra high for additional clearance when using bulky or multiple fabrics under it.
  • Portability is provided by the carry handle for easy transport.
  • Comes with an instructional DVD.
  • With on-board storage for accessories.
  • Online support is available from the official website any time.
  • Equipped with free arm for more flexible sewing of collar, pant hems, cuffs, and other hard-to-reach sewing areas.
  • Comes with a limited 25 year warranty inclusive of the machine’s head, two years on the machine’s electronic components, and three months (equivalent to 90 days) on any adjustments required.
  • Built-in feed dog in a four-segment system to ensure fabric is not only picked up but supported from the presser foot’s front all the way to its rear.
  • Social media support allows the user to connect and communicate with other sewers for valuable tips.
  • Accessories include an instruction manual, lint brush, needles, Class 15 bobbins, a ripper for seams, foot pedal, an oil bottle, all-purpose sewing foot, power cord, button sewing foot, quilting guide, zipper foot, screwdriver, two holders for thread spool caps, and buttonhole foot.
  • Snap-on presser feet make it convenient to change from one kind of foot to the next without even using the inclusive screwdriver.
  • A selection of video tutorials on troubleshooting and maintenance, threading, and training on the use of the presser feet is available on YouTube.

Pros and Cons


Price is the main thing going for this model, probably one of the best finds in sewing machines in its class. The automatic feature of its bobbin winder is also a plus since it takes less time to do this otherwise laborious process. The options for stitches – all 19 of them, as mentioned – can do wonders for sewing garments, decorative items for the home, repairing hems and cuffs, doing crafts, and alterations on clothes.

The accessories that come with it are more than convenient, they are relevant to the variety of sewing that the user plans to do. And the on-board storage for these accessories keeps your sewing organized and neat. Even the beginning sewer will find it easier to navigate the 2259 and create projects with the assistance of the inclusive DVD and manual for instructions.

For beginners, the automatic reverse mechanism can be easily pushed and held to reinforce stitches by sewing them in reverse. Those who want to experiment can take advantage of the 2259’s capability to do 5mm widths of decorative or stitches that can be set. Even expert sewers will appreciate how the stitch tapers to the fabric’s center instead of either its right or left side when doing zigzag stitches.


Some customers reported that the needles inclusive with the purchase of the 2259 break easily. Others mentioned that the features of the 2259 are limited because although it has several features which are automatic, it is still a manual sewing machine and not a digital model; the more experienced seamstress should consider other Singer models for options if this is the case.

What Customers Say

The Singer 2259 was given an overall rating of 4.2 stars out of five by Amazon customer reviews. A total of 215 customers out of 385 gave the 2259 five stars, 103 gave it four, 21 gave it three, 11 gave the 2259 two stars, and 35 gave it one star. This is not to say that the 2259 is not a quality product when you consider that there are still more customers who reported their satisfaction with the product.


Notwithstanding its many features, the 2259 would be a good choice for sewers who are at the beginning and intermediate levels. Those who are advanced sewers may find that the 2259 does not meet their expectations, as mentioned in one of the “cons,’ because it is, after all, a manually-operated machine that may be fast enough for its class but not really for the kind of performance provided by digital models.

Still, having been awarded the Women’s Choice Award two years in a row – for 2013 and 2014 — this Singer Tradition Easy-to-Use Sewing Machine model should be considered by those who want to learn sewing and do not expect too much from a manually-operated sewing machine. Besides, you can always move on and get an upgrade after you have gained experience and pass this one along to someone else.

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