Singer 3232 Simple Sewing Machine Review

Singer 3232 sewing machineJust because the Singer 3232 has the word “simple’ in its name does not mean it cannot perform as well as its more advanced siblings. More often than not, “simple” is better and more noticeable. In this case, the Singer 3232 Simple Sewing Machine is something that sewers of all levels should seriously consider. Not only does it pack a wallop when it comes to features, it is affordably-priced, too.

Features of the Singer 3232

Its needle has an automatic threader that significantly cuts down sewing time and its one-step buttonholing process, which is fully automatic as well, provides professional sewing results with just one touch of the button. Six stretch stitches, six basic stitches, one buttonhole stitch, and 19 decorative stitches will provide you a nearly limitless selection for any sewing project you wish to do, including mending.

The 19 decorative stitches enable you to add special details on clothes, curtains, pillow cases, table runners, linens napkins, and tea cozy towels, among others. Six stretch stitches have been designed to facilitate ease of movement of any kind of fabric you work on. And the buttonhole stitch creates perfect, streamlined buttonholes in a one-step process to make sewing them even easier for you.

The Singer Simple sewing machine has an adjustable feature for both width and length that ensures your seams remain strong and there is no bunching of any kind on whatever fabric you work on. Stitch width and length can both be personalized by just turning the dial. This machine’s metal frame has been constructed and designed for heavy duty performance, so expect it to last a long, long time.

Its durability is matched only by its 25 year warranty, albeit limited on the machine’s head, with two years on the electric components and three months on labor and services. It comes with free accessories to help you get started on sewing. These include a power cord, instructional DVD and manual, a pack of needles, a guide on quilting and edging technique, Class 15 bobbins, and an L-type screwdriver.

And there’s more: a darning plate, auxiliary pin for the spool, a dust cover with soft sides, a foot control, and several types of sewing feet including a zipper foot, a button sewing foot, an all-purpose foot, and a buttonhole foot. All of these are stored in the free arm of the sewing machine which makes access to pant hems, cuffs, collars, and other hard-to-reach sewing areas.

The quick start guide helps to get you going, from threading the machine to indicating which kind of presser foot to use for certain types of sewing. And speaking of foot, the Singer Simple Sewing Machine’s presser foot has an extra high lifter to provide additional clearance when you work on bulky or multiple layers of fabrics. And at the speed of 750 SPM, your sewing time is shortened considerably.

Create decorative and satin stitches with the 5mm width feature, sew lightweight and heavy fabrics easily without any pressure adjustments to the presser foot, and change needle positions conveniently per an individual project’s requirements such as cording, topstitching, and inserting zippers. And while the 3232 may not be what advanced sewers expect, this model does have a powerful motor.

Pros and Cons


Everything a beginner would want or need from a sewing machine is in this sewing machine. The number and selection of built-in stitches in this Singer model are relevant for use and appreciated by those who have purchased this machine. Admittedly, while this machine’s automatic features are not as extensive as those of more advanced models, the one that are built in are easier to navigate, a plus factor for novice sewers.

Usability-wise, it is capable of sewing 750 stitches per minute, a feature that you will appreciate when you need to complete projects in a jiffy. The metal frame of the 3232 is, of course, one feature that spells durability, and durability is what novice sewers would typically look for in a sewing machine. This is because learning how to sew for some may take longer and a sewing machine that has durability can go a long way and “grow” with the user.


The only “con” mentioned, if it can even be considered that, has nothing to do with its performance, since it operates very quietly, and everything to do with its simplicity. But since its name includes the word “simple,” customers who have reported dissatisfaction because of the 3232’s “lack” of features should look at other Singer models with more features such as digital performance.

What Customers Say

Of the 53 Amazon customer reviews, 29 gave it five stars. And while the overall star rating for this Singer model whittles down to 3.8 stars out of five, the “pros” still far outweigh the “cons” submitted by customers. While one customer review mentioned the price of the 3232 is higher than similarly-purposed sewing machines, no other customer reviews considered price as a major purchase deciding factor.

If you base your purchase decision on customer reviews, it is still a good buy, even with its price because of the numerous features that come with it. The number of accessories alone is one good reason why customers have bought the 3232. Quality is not the issue here for customers who are either professional sewers or looking for advanced features, obviously, but quantity.


Should you buy the Singer 3232 Simple Sewing Machine with Automatic Needle Threader? This review doesn’t see any reason not to if, as repeatedly mentioned, you are a beginner sewer. This machine is, in fact, suitable even for the intermediate level sewer who doesn’t mind working with a simple and uncomplicated sewing machine that has quality stitches and saves the user a considerable amount of sewing time.

Yes, it is a manual sewing machine without the amazing performance of other Singer models that have been designed with digital capabilities, but, contrary to one customer review, its price is affordable for those who are on a budget, and this is mainly because budgets and durability go hand-in-hand. And the durability is, unquestionably, what has made it beloved among the customers who purchased it.

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