Singer 7258 Stylist Sewing Machine Review

Singer 7258 sewing machineA sewing machine that features only a few stitches will put a limit on the amount of projects you can create. The Singer 7258 Stylist does exactly what its name says: it gives anything you sew a sense of style that other machines cannot.

Imagine a hundred stitches that has a wide berth of uses, from the straight and basic to zigzag lines and decorative styles which can add embellished details on anything you choose, including clothes, blankets, and drapes, among others. Beautiful stitches are not the only going for the 7258 because this model has a plethora of features that anyone with a passion for sewing will appreciate.

Features of the Singer Stylist 7258

The metal frame is obviously heavy duty to ensure that you never have skipped stitches from the machine wobbling or shaking while you sew. Threading is made more convenient by the automatic needle threader that can get the job done from spool to needle’s eye in six seconds or so. This quick action will definitely save you a lot of time. The instructions, in fact, are printed on the machine itself.

The LED screen will display your selected stitch as well as its width and length settings. And although all of the stitches are built in and have default settings for optimum stitch width and stitch length, you can always override the settings to accommodate other specifications that your projects demand. The 7258’s bobbin is easy to insert because it loads from the top.

This top-loading mechanism has a rotating, magnet-type hook with a vertical axis to ensure quiet and smooth sewing that is resistant to thread jamming. The bobbin “floats” right above the rotating hook to prevent thread jams and has a clear cover for you to see through and monitor the supply of thread. Additionally, you will find bobbin insertion easy since it loads from the top.

The 7258 is equipped with a long-lasting LED light bulb to illuminate the machine’s sewing surface for your optimal viewing. This LED light bulb has a power time of 100,000 hours and stays cool no matter how long you use the machine. And use it longer you will because sewing will become more fun with the inclusion of nine basic stitches, 76 decorative stitches, eight stretch stitches, and seven buttonhole stitches.

With 13 positions for the needle that can be changed for a project’s specifications – topstitching, cording, and inserting zippers – and creation of each of the six buttonhole styles in just one step, think of how much time you can save when you use the this sewing machine. The programmable needle up and/or down control and start or stop button ensures that you have complete control not only of the needle and buttonholes but speed as well.

Program the needle to “down” and it stops to allow you appliquéing, quilting or pivoting the fabric. Or you can unplug foot control and press the button for the machine to start sewing. All you have to do is slide the lever for speed control and you get the maximum speed you desire. Speaking of speed, it is capable of doing 750 SPM to ensure that your projects are sewn on time.

Because it is a fully automatic sewing machine, all you need to do to tie-off your decorative stitches in the beginning and in the end of each sequence is to push a button. Tie-off your straight stitches the same way to reinforce the beginning as well as the end of each seam tightly to prevent seams from unraveling. Sew stitches easily in reverse by pushing the reverse button.

Enjoy the inclusion of ten types of presser feet — for blind hem, overcastting, zipper, satin stitch, embroidery, rolled hem, gathering, darning, buttonhole, and all purpose – as you sew, mend or quilt. Set the maximum 6mm width for satin and decorative stitches to give your projects pizzazz. Even the pressure exerted by any of the presser feet against the specially designed feed dogs on your fabric is automatic.

Pros and Cons


The common problem of most sewers with fabric not being picked up or supported will not happen with the 7258 because of its six segmented feed dog system that ensures your fabric is brought up from the presser foot’s front all the way to the rear for accurate feeding. Whether you are a beginner or a professional sewer, you will find the 7258’s extra height to the lifter of the presser feet convenient.

A second height provides additional clearance under the pressure feet for accommodating multiple or bulky fabric layers. You don’t even have to make adjustments to the presser foot because of the automatic pressure in it. This is how you can sew the lightest tricots to the heaviest of denims with the sensory control system that helps you know when you need additional power to maintain speed.

To prevent clutter, the on-board storage in the machine’s free arm help you access all the accessories or sewing tools that you will need while you sew. Generally, the Singer Stylist sewing machine is ideal for the sewing beginner or hobbyist who wants an upgrade from the traditional machines. This is because the 7258 has features that make transitioning from traditional to digital sewing machines easy, convenient, and fun.


Despite its various modernized features, some customer reviews found the use of this computerized sewing machine difficult precisely because of the modernity. Some reviews pointed out that the 7258 can be too complicated to operate because of the plethora of stitches and all the automation processes involved. Still, these “cons” cannot really be considered manufacturer’s defects but personal preferences.

What Customers Say

Based on 1,314 Amazon customer reviews, 901 gave the Singer Stylist sewing machine a rating of five stars out of five, 195 gave it four stars, 59 gave it three stars, 40 rated it two stars, and 119 gave it one star. Based on the figures, a majority of customers indicated satisfaction with this model, notwithstanding the 119 who gave it one star, mainly because of the “cons” mentioned earlier.


The Singer 7258 Stylist is not for the faint of heart. While some beginner sewers will thoroughly enjoy this particular Singer model, others will not, as the “cons” pointed out, and opt for a model that has basic features with a few dials, foot pedal, and the bobbin case located either underneath the machine or on its side. This sewing machine, to put it mildly, will work for the beginner sewer only if the sewer is the adventurous type.

Should you buy this particular Singer model? Yes, but only if you are willing to go from traditional to digital in sewing machines and only if you have a sense of adventure to try out new ways to sew. If you feel you are ready to use a fully automatic and digital sewing machine, there shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t become the proud owner of a Singer 7258.

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