Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter Sewing Machine Review

Singe r7469q confidence quilterHow could the film, “How to Make an American Quilt” have ended if the Singer 7469Q came, literally, into the picture and all the female characters used it? Quilting has been made easier by the 7469Q and may even be a significant contributor to a big comeback for quilting as an American art. This particular Singer model has numerous advanced features that making quilting not only creative but relaxing as well.

As mentioned, the features of this quilter are nothing but impressive and it will take the most cynical of quilters not to admit that this Singer packs a wallop that can make quilting quicker and more systematic. So, if you truly love quilting, or would like to learn the fine art that it is, read on to discover what features it has to offer the quilter in you, regardless of what level you are currently at.

Features of the Singer Confidence Quilter

The fact that this Singer quilting machine comes with a hundred built-in stitches – including the basic utility stitches, seven styles for buttonhole stitches that can all be done in a single step, and a carefully-chosen set of decorative stitches – is the best introductory feature that any sewer can hope to have with a new sewing machine. The 7469Q even has a bar tack buttonhole with an “infinity” capability.

This means even oversized buttons can be accommodated because you can make the buttonholes as long as needed. This feature opens the opportunities for you to create more than just garments. This infinite bar tacking is terrific for making crafts such as embroidered canvas tote bags with flaps and small denim backpacks complete with copper button closures.

Some of the available product descriptions indicate the number of stitches that come with the 7469Q as 97 and others have indicated the number as 98 but the actual figure is really 100 in total as per the actual reference guide, the Singer Company’s website, and the instructional manual for the machine. Choosing a stitch is a breeze. Just read the information on the reference guide prior to choosing the machine.

Just push the appropriate button and sew away for the one-step selection of a dozen stitches which are the most commonly used utility as well as decorative stitches. This is not the old, weighty Singer sewing machine of 20 or 30 years ago. While the machine itself is built on a metal frame with heavy duty capability, the machine’s facing is made of plastic as are several other parts.

The 7469Q requires using class 15J bobbins so you need to use the appropriate needle and thread combination, including the bobbins. You can read about the requirements for the needle and fabric that are most suitable for use on this model. Like all of Singer’s Confidence line of sewing machines, it has good illumination from LED lighting over the work area.

The Confidence Quilter has a built in carry handle for portability but it is also mountable to a cabinet or table. This particular Singer model has the unique combination of having automated functions as well as the capability to adjust and fine-tune these built-in features as you progress in the different levels of sewing and require more advanced sewing techniques.

Purchase of the 7469Q includes eight snap-on style of presser feet, with the presser foot’s height adjustable to up, down, and extra-high to accommodate multiple or bulky layers of fabric. Aside from the satin special purpose foot, blind hem foot, buttonhole foot, general purpose foot, and the zipper foot, a ¼ inch foot, an even feed foot, and an embroidery and darning foot come with the purchase of the this sewing machine.

Another great feature of this machine is its horizontal delivery of the top thread by keeping it moving steadily and continuously to prevent bunching of the fabric. There is also a reverse button located right above and to the needle’s right which can also create a locking stitch. At this point, you may wonder if the 7469Q has any “pros” and “cons” which can help you in making an informed purchase decision; here they are.

Pros and Cons


  • Automatic needle threading.
  • Systematized feed dogs equipped with six segments.
  • Control button for twin needles which can run two identical stitch lines in two different colors or same color of thread; this control button also prevents selection of stitches that are not compatible with twin needles.
  • The thread tension is automatic and adjustable.
  • The Down/Up position for the needle is programmable. You just leave the needle in an up or down position after you have finished sewing a line of stitches for strong and tight corners; you can even leave your needle inserted in your fabric while you rotate it.
  • The automatic bobbin winder stops when it senses the bobbin case is already fully loaded. The “drop and sew” bobbin system, meanwhile, handles the task of pulling up the thread from the bobbin.
  • With 13 positions that a needle can assume, you can easily get as close as possible to the edge, zipper or seam to complete a complicated or decorative seam.
  • Darning, free motion embroidery, and free motion quilting can all be done in a jiffy with the drop system for the feed dogs. Just lower them by removing the machine’s extension table and accessing the button located at the machine’s back.
  • Because it’s self-lubricating, there’s no need to use oil on the 7469Q ever.
  • When there is need for additional power to push through multiple or bulky layers of fabric, the Optimum Power Control senses this and responds to the situation accordingly to enable even flow for the speed maintenance of the stitches.


  • Some customer reviews mentioned they were unable to adjust the pressure on the presser foot.
  • No other bobbins can be used except those of class 15J.
  • The twin needle has to be purchased separately.

What Customers Say

Based on 172 Amazon reviews, this quilting sewing machine was given five stars by 92 customers, four stars by 32 customers, three stars by 12 customers, two stars by 15 customers, and one star by 21 customers. The 7469Q received an overall Amazon rating of 3.9 stars out of five, a surprising development considering how the same model registered an average rating of between 4.2 and 5 on third party websites.

Customers have noticed that the 7469Q and another Singer model, the 7469, may actually be the same machine because it seems they have the same everything: functionality, instructional manual, features, size. The only differences being a quilting package, a large extension table, and extra presser feet. Amazon sells the 7469 for more than the 7469Q. More accessories and the same machine with a lower price tag!


Beginner sewers may find the 7469Q’s controls a little intimidating to operate at first but this model has an easy to understand selection of stitches as well as buttons and uncomplicated images to let you know exactly what each button’s capabilities are. Even if you never watched “How to Make an American Quilt” you might think of taking up quilting. If you do, consider the Singer Confidence Quilter.

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