Singer 7470 Confidence Sewing Machine Review

Singer 7470 sewing machineIt’s hard not to be creative with the Singer Confidence 7470 because of the excitement it brings to any sewer. From its “drop and sew” bobbin system to the pre-programmed settings that are all completely adjustable, sewing becomes more enjoyable and fun to do. Not to mention the 150 stitches that come built in for this particular Singer model. Read on to find out the 7470’s excellent features.

Features of the Singer 7470

Consider the 7470’s automatic needle threader which can make quick work of what used to be the laborious task of threading the needle through its eye. And then we come to the previously mentioned “drop and sew” bobbin system. You simply place a wound bobbin in the case and run the thread through the bobbin guide. That’s it. The 7470 will draw up the thread automatically for you.

Then we get right down to the 150 stitches. A lot of decorative stitches, four buttonholing types with each one needing only a single step for completion, upper and lower cases for an alphabet, a quilt stitch, numbers, temporary memory for 20 characters, an option for continuous design sewing, and the capability not only to edit stitches but to elongate and mirror image them all come with using these 150 stitches.

Each of them has pre-programmed optimal settings which are adjustable to accommodate your project’s requirements. Six of the commonly used stitches can be accessed easily with a one-touch button selector, 13 needle positions for topstitching, cording or inserting zippers, a drop feed, an LCD screen display, and a free arm that features a storage for accessories that include a snap-one five type presser feet.

The Singer Confidence 7470 sewing machine is all about buttons. Width and length of stitches stop being guesswork with the One-Touch Stitch Selection that provides optimum settings for these requirements. Add your name, a phrase or monogram with the built-in alphabet with block styling. The memory bank can hold simple phrases as well as full names with up to 20 characters.

If you are pivoting, quilting or appliquéing fabric, the programmable up/down mechanism for the needle enables it to stop in a “down” position so you can sew better. Even buttonhole sewing is done better with this sewing machine. Each of the buttonholes is sewn perfectly in one direction that results in balanced buttonholes all the time. Center zigzag tapering is a breeze since the stitch tapers only to the fabric’s center.

The 7470’s LCD display screen provides easy and clear viewing not only of stitch patterns but their lengths and widths as well. Settings for stitch lengths automatically adjust when you choose a particular. You can always override any stitch, however, to personalize your choice of length. This goes the same for stitch widths that, incidentally, it can widen for more pronounced and bolder visual appeal.

Relevant and highly useful accessories come with the sewing machine including the following (which may be stored inside the storage area of the free arm):

  • Soft dust cover.
  • Bobbins.
  • Blind hem foot.
  • Spool felts.
  • A ripper for seams.
  • Zipper foot.
  • An auxiliary pin for the spool.
  • A pack of needles.
  • All-purpose foot.
  • An L-type screwdriver.
  • Lint brush.
  • Satin stitch foot.
  • Spool caps.
  • Buttonhole foot.

Pros and Cons of the Singer Confidence Sewing Machine


Let’s just say that a company that provides a 25 year guarantee, no matter if it is limited, has the willingness to stake its reputation on its product because of excellent quality and high caliber performance. Since the company we are talking about here is Singer, it goes without saying that the inclusion of the five year warranty on electronic parts and the one year warranty on labor translates to good customer service as well.

A notable “pro” is the 7470’s automatic functions for tacking and tying off stitches, two crucial aspects of sewing that are often overlooked. Four small tacking stitches reinforce the beginning and the end of each pattern to ensure professional-grade stitching and prevent stitch unraveling. The automatic tie-off functions buttresses straight stitches at their beginning and end to tighten them.

The buttonhole underplate which “sandwiches” the fabric between it and the presser foot is a system exclusively developed by the Singer Company to ensure that the buttonholes are equally well-sewn and appropriately placed on both the most lightweight and the thickest fabrics. Additionally, you can create two rows in parallel formation using the twin needle control as a decorative touch for all your projects.

The 7470’s editing capabilities are appreciated by the customers who have purchased this particular Singer model. The machine’s cursor button is capable of moving through the memory space to remove a letter or stitch. Select stitches can also be used for decorative stitching by mirror imaging them.

Another “pro” for the 7470 is its automatic tension that provides stable and quality straight stitching regardless of what fabric type is used, from the thinnest silks to the roughest denims. Select stitches can also be sewn continuously or as one pattern. Automatic is how pressure is exerted on fabric by the presser foot against the machine’s feed dogs, making presser foot adjustments a thing of the past.

Bobbin threading has never been easy but with this sewing machine it thankfully is. The bobbin’s case “floats” right above a hook that prevents thread jams even when you are sewing on the sheerest of fabric or none at all. The bobbin has an automatic winding clutch in which the needle bar disengages automatically when bobbin winding is in progress, providing safety for the sewer.


Some customer reviews reported that they had to have their sewing machines serviced in just a short period of time after purchasing them but the figure for these reviews are not enough to dismiss it as a product that isn’t worth trying. Additionally, the experiences of these customers may be attributed to other causes such as shipping and handling, the reason why you should buy only from reputable sellers.

What Customers Say

Based on Amazon 108 customer reviews, 56 gave it a five star rating and 17 gave it a four star rating. The rest gave it three-, two-, and one-star ratings. Still, more than half of the overall number of Amazon customer reviews indicated their satisfaction with this model, proof that this particular Singer model performs very well as its manufacturer claims it does.


The 7470 may not exactly be in the league of other computerized sewing machine models because its decorative stitches are relatively smaller in size, but there is no doubt that this is ideal for those who are interested in both quilting and embroidery. If you require smooth stitching, ease of use, and automatic tension, the 7470 can serve you well even if you aren’t exactly swooning over stitches.

Should you buy the Singer 7470? The answer is yes, but only if you want to upgrade your existing sewing machine or would like to learning sewing on a durable, affordable, and high performing model. A beginner sewer would be greatly encouraged by the excellent features of the 7470. If you prefer a machine with only basic features in place, however, your best option is to choose a model that will address your specific needs.

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