Singer One Plus Sewing Machine Review

Singer One Plus sewing machineMore possibilities come to the fore when you use the Singer One Plus sewing machine, one of the company’s easiest and most convenient sewing machines that any sewer can use. Once you understand how the machine’s advanced features work, operating it is as easy as pie. And with the easy-to-understand instructions in the introductory DVD that comes with the One Plus, you will be sewing in no time at all!

The Singer One Plus is a rock star even among the Singer Company’s other models in its sewing machine lines. From the way it looks all the way to how it performs, the One Plus is a convenient way to learn how to sew for novice sewers and a relaxing activity for seasoned sewers to complete their projects quicker than ever. Take a look at the features that make the One Plus outstanding amid similarly-purposed machines.

Features of the One Plus

From the first step of needle threading, the One Plus makes it easy for you. Its SwiftSmart Threading feature is simple to use. Just guide your thread from its spool to the machine’s needle area by using one groove and press the lever for quick and effortless needle threading. And speaking of needles, its up/down function is completely programmable.

Program this feature to make it easier for you to remove the fabric you are working on from the One Plus or halt its motion while in the “down” position and quilt, pivot, and appliqué your fabric easily. Or if you prefer doing some stitches, choose from 231 of the built-in ones in this Singer model to use for heirloom crafts, garment construction, home décor, quilting, or decorative and fashion sewing.

A stitch guide is included with a purchase of the One Plus. This handy reference informs you when you should use a stitch and in what setting you could use it on. Personalize all your sewing projects with the addition of special dates, memorable phrases, a monogram or a name with numeric stitches and built-in alphabet in block style. And as if that wasn’t enough, view your selected stitches on the LCD screen.

The images and numbers of your preferred stitches appear on the LCD display including their width and length settings. You can edit and save your selected combinations of stitches for creating personalized designs later on from the wide array of 212 decorative stitches, five stretch stitches, and seven essential stitches. Additionally, you can now sew buttonholes without the fuss or the hassle.

The fully automatic feature of the one-step buttonholing of seven buttonhole styles provides you with professional results all the time. Balance is created in the buttonholes as it sews each side in one direction. Its Endless Buttonhole feature gives you endlessly long sided buttonholes. The Exclusive Buttonhole Foot with Underplate sews buttonholes in areas other buttonholing devices are unable to reach.

Proper position even when you start sewing is ensured with the presser foot sensor. The tendency for thread bunching is considerably reduced because the sewing machine does not start working if this presser foot is raised. With the Speed Control Lever, you can just unplug the machine’s foot control and press the “start” button and the machine begins to sew.

There are certain things that the One Plus does which encourage its owner to be more creative. The On Cycle Stitch Button, for instance, can sew a single stitch unit and, by pressing the button while you are sewing one stitch sequence, stop automatically at the end of the particular cycle that you are sewing. This provides you with complete creativity to change stitches, embellish with decorative stitches, etc.

You can tie-off stitches with the One Plus’s Tacking Stitch Button, all three small stitches of it which prevent unraveling. And it’s easy to taper with the zigzag stitch with the One Plus’s Center Zigzag Stitch. Instead of tapering to the right or left, you stitch tapers exclusively to the center of whatever you are working on, resulting in a more appealing look.

You don’t have to spend extra cash for sewing accessories because these are inclusive with your purchase. These accessories are conveniently kept in a storage area inside of the free arm of the machine and includ the following:

  • Pack of needles.
  • A seam ripper.
  • Satin stitch foot.
  • Foot control.
  • Class 15J bobbins.
  • Blind hem foot.
  • Instructional manual with stitch guide.
  • Auxiliary pin for the spool.
  • All-purpose foot.
  • Lint brush.
  • Spool caps for thread.
  • Zipper foot.
  • Power cord.
  • Dust cover with soft side.
  • Machine introduction DVD.
  • A screwdriver for use on the needle plate.
  • Quick start guide.
  • Spool pin made of felt.
  • Buttonhole foot with underplate.

Pros and Cons


  • The number of features of this computerized sewing machine provides the user with a lot of options.
  • Very user-friendly.
  • Produces even stitches that look smooth and professionally done.
  • Great value for money.


  • Use of the thread cutter may take time to get used to because of its awkward location.
  • Instructional manual is not detailed.

What Customers Say About the One Plus

Of the 90 Amazon reviews, 62 customers gave it a rating of five stars. This gave the One Plus an overall Amazon rating of 4.4 stars out of five. This particular model appears to have made a lot of fans with its reportedly excellent performance. Among the One Plus features that customers mentioned as satisfactory included its smooth and quiet operation.

Fluid and smooth stitching is another result reported by a customer because of the way the One Plus pulls the fabric at an even and gentle pace; all the user has to do is lend it a “guiding hand.” Yet another feature appreciated by customers is the quick and easy automatic threading that it has. One customer reported that even the first try to thread the needle proved to be successful in her particular experience.


Should you buy the Singer One Plus? Actually, the question would be more appropriate if it were “why shouldn’t you buy the One Plus?” With all its excellent features, not buying the One Plus will make you miss out on all the creative projects you could have done with it. It is an outstanding machine at an outstanding price with an excellent reputation. What’s not to like?

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